Lebanese Railway History

In August 1895, the first steam train departed from Beirut and traveled through the Bekaa Valley towards Rayak Station, near the border with today's Syria. It was the golden age of rail transport in Lebanon.

Lebanon’s 408km of railway once connected Beirut to Damascus, Syria, and Haifa, but has ceased operation after Lebanon's civil war (1975-1990)

Nowadays, the Lebanese suffer of many problems whose solution simply is a sustainable public transport system featuring a national railway supporting the country's demographic and economic growth.

This is why Train Train has made it its mission to put Lebanon back on rails.


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Our Masterplan

Based on different feedback received and based on the technical coordination with international railway design engineers, we have come up with a masterplan for the return of railway trains to Lebanon.

We present a comprehensive plan that secures the connection and interconnection of all Lebanese regions, and that ensures the achievement of balanced development and contributes to administrative decentralization.

Together, we can put Lebanon back on rails.

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